This is a cool project by Morten , we have collect from social media all the stages of his great build  ! Enjoy :


  • As the most rally / adv projects starts from this point … the fairing ! Rally / Adv fairings are not just a make up on your bike ,at least our fairings 🙂   . We have worked on in order to provide a nice new style design , better wind protection (from standard fairings) and much better lights !!
“The post dropped this of today.. Looking forward to this winters rally build. Africa twin 750 rd07 “


We start working on Africa Twin Rally fairing on a good friend bike , it was our first project and we were looking to make something nice which will make the Africa Twin a young lady again .

This was back to 2011 (if im not making a bad mistake 🙂  ).

With KTM to win on every single race and with RFR bikes to be the most attractive bikes we tried to fix the fairing with the shape of the RFR mask .. 





“Fitting the new rally fairing today..”



With the side panels as one piece with the front mask ,the fairing fits really easy on standard mounting tabs . As we add new headlights vertical instead of horizontal you need to give some extra work on the standard headlight bracket 


. As you can see the fairing fits great on the 

bike and already looks like a new bike !! 

New headlights coming with an aluminium bracket mounted on the fairing .





“Next step was the headlight connection ,rear tail light and lisence plate installation . Position lights (the 2 small LED lights ) are called Eagle Eye LED lamp.”










“For the need of the project a Samsung Galaxy TAB Active 2 with the same bracket used ,the app on the tab is the drive mode app from playstore.










“Took the old girl out today for a test ride. A bit chilly but really nice weather. Everything checked out okay. Ready for paint now.”


“Finally back from the paint shop. Still waiting for the new fork, so no front fender at the moment.”

“New WP forks and lower fender (not yet painted ) “

“Fitted the hard bags on and ready to explore the world “


You can find the fairing here:


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