We had the great opportunity to work on a lengedary bike .. Kostas gave us his unique and worldwide travelled Honda NX650 Dominator 1988 ,he asked to make a rally bike based on several pictures he saw on the net but much better 🙂

Immediately we started working on the bike .. The plan was to keep the OEM side panels as it is and just add a front navigation tower with a windshield .

-Navigation tower was  based on the KTM 450RFR-690RFR bikes but with some changes we did on some dimensions ,we did a second plate on the attachement points with the bike’s frame to make it stronger and avoid any future problems from the vibrations . Once the main design was ready from our R&D departement we started looking for the proper windshield,we were lucky because a few time before we had made some windshields which never used …


First tests of the parts took place .

-Navigation tower was great on the bike .Perfect fit and a lot of space to add any equipment ,from simple digital tachometer to a complete navigation system or Roadbook .

-Side panels : we used the OEM panels but something didnt like us .. Also standard panels didnt fit with the high fender we put .. So we had to make new side panel..

-Windshield was good but not good enough for a project like this ..


Now we had to work harder and make more parts ,the time was enough but not much as the bike project had a deadline ..

After several fails finally a design which this project deserves!
-New side panels are ready and we are very happy with the result .We kept the lines of the bike to make the side panels look as a standard part designed straight from the factory .
-Navigation tower is now coated black and a proper tachometer plate is on its place .Kostas chose to add a Koso degital tacho on the bike and he used his smartphone as a GPS.
-Windshield cutted a little to make it a little shorter and HELLA lights took place on the navi tower ..

The bike started taking a great shape and with the work which was done before by Kostas (different forks and some  other nice bits ) it looks extremely good ! BUT the rear parts did not match the nice front parts , rear side panels and rear  fender was  little bit off .. Unfortunately  we had no time and we had to work more and harder to finish the whole project in time .

The decision tooked , a new rear fender was designed and placed on the bike .Rear side panels stayed as they are because they seem to be good with the new rear fender ..





New rear fender with LED stop light is a reality .The fender fits exactly as the standard one .The lisence plate goes and fit together with the rear fender .






Final step was to add a high fender , we took a fender from Yamaha XT660X and we modify it to fit on our project


..YES it looks great and matches the whole project !




The whole project is almost ready and the bike looks amazing ! To be honest we didnt expect it so  good ! Soon the paint job was ready and first pictures of the complete bike were sent to the happy owner 🙂 






Navigation tower is looking also great 🙂




Next step was the decals but we didnt have time so the first and hard test ride took place . Kostas is the owner of www.advride.gr and they had their annual ride AdvTroffy 2021 .











Test ride went great ,so next step was the graphics ! DXL graphics was the next stop ..


We are extremely happy ,our project is finished as graphic kit is on and the owner is more than happy .. Enjoy some great pictures :




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