Last year a customer contact us and asked for a rally adv kit for his next bike , he had to move from his country to UAE according to his job and he was in need for a new bike to cover his needs on the desert and long distances without gas stations.

We was between the KTM 690 E and the Husky 701 E .The problem was that we didnt had a kit or anything for the 701 .. He said as he was a 690 owner he would like to have a 701 and he asked if we could buy a 701 and convert it to a Adventure bike with auxiliary fuel tanks ,navigation tower ,a bullet proof engine protector and anything else was needed to make the best Adventure bike out there !! We said:

-YES ,lets do it !

We didnt loose time ,next day we contact the dealer in Greece and we bought the bike . A low used bike (approx 2000Km) in perfect condition this was the best option for our adventure build !!

The project was to make an adventure kit which will be extremely simple to mount on the bike ,we choose to use the  KTM 450 2015-2018 Windshield and some other parts from this model for our project .

KTM 450 RFR 2015-2018 Windshield is a windshield which has beed tested under extremely terrains and rallies arround the world and of course on the mother of rallies the Dakar rally .

First task was the fuel tanks ,we removed the plastic panels of the bike and nothing more .We didnt relocate anything as our project was a kit “friendly” with all the meaning of the word .As we had made a kit for the KTM 690 E now we was wiser and we had a big experience how to do a better one .

We start modifing the KTM 690 E fuel tanks in order to fit on the 701 frame as is ,with all the parts of the frame on its original places .It was not an easy job ,we failed many times to make a proper fit fuel tanks . After all these fails we finally did it !!The fuel tanks had a great fit with the frame of the bike to be as is with no mods and relocations like ” relocate the regulator ” – ” relocate the horn ” – ” cut the plastics ” – ” remove the airbox ” etc .

Standard exhaust remain on its original place ,no extra lower pipes needed . The seat fits on the standard brackets and on the frame not on the tanks or any other extra bracket .

Fuel tanks can hold 13L on total ,comes with a Dakar tested  KEIHIN fuel pump .The fuel tanks conection its really simple ,just link the rear tank on the front tanks and work with the Keihin pump or you can make it work with 2 fuel pumps and keep control of the fuel as you will have the option to choose which tanks will empty first !

-Tanks are made of  multy layers Carbon Fiber ,epoxy resins and reinforced inside with vinylester .Vinylester is one of the best materials to protect the tanks of the acid fluids .

-The brackets we made are billet aluminium made on a latest technology CNC machine.

On the Husky 701 you will find 4 mounting points on the front main headstock ,these points.These points was the perfect place to fit a proper and biller bracket for the navi tower !

-Navigation tower we have made 2 options :

  • 1.Mastech Navi tower

This is the best navi tower out there ,extremely simple and compaq .With a lot of space inside to fit all the wiring harness proper and clean . It comes with a plate for all the standard indicators ,Δ button ,the standard speedo and lot of place to add your own GPS or your tablem .Optionaly can come with a Roadbook plate with OEM speedo place-indicators and 2 icos . It comes ready with all the bolts and spacers for Hella lights- KTM mask .

Weight of the tower is 2.3Kg

  • 2.PF Carbon fiber tower

This option is great solution for anyone which asking a low weight tower ,it have all the benefits of the Mastech’s tower .Its taller and in some cases require to extend your standard wiring harness .It comes with a plate for OEM Speedo-indicators and GPS and optionaly with a KTM OEM Rally Roadbook plate .

Weight 910gr

-For lights we use Hella lights ,as these lights are great for riding and are street legal all over the world! Hella is a top brand name on lighting solution and is used on many many auto moto companies and of course on KTM Dakar bikes !

-Skid plate (engine guard) ,this is a crucial part so we had to make something wich will keep strong on a big rock or even a crash but not so heavy.The best material for these job is the Carbon Fiber with aramid (Kevlar) reinforcement .A multi layers Carbon Fiber is the best way to protect the expensive engine of the bike and the fuel tanks with the also expensive Keihin fuel pump!

-Side panels which hold the OEM KTM windshield and connect it with the fuel tanks are made of fiberglass .extremely strong and easy to mount .Made to mount on the Husky like the standard side panels !

-Seat ,we had to modify the seat in order to fit with the new tanks in front .New seat comes with Carbon Kevlar seat pan – comfortable foam and rally style cover with a pocket in the front .It fits like the OEM seat.

On this build the main colors which Alejo (customer) asked was  the black .. so we asked from our  grafix designer to make the decals based on black color .The design he made was amazing and you can confirmed it on the pictures !

The last pieces of this great build was the rear side panels-the rear and front fender and the handguards ..We had to make something to be nice with the black theme .. What better of the black color from Carbon Fiber . In fact we build a complete Carbon fiber kit as all the parts of this bike are Carbon Fiber !!

The bike was finally ready ,last task was the paper work and the flight to UAE from Greece but with some good faith everything solved and now Alejo enjoying his bike at the UAE deserts !!

His feedback after a year of hard riding :

“The kit…. I will recommend to everyone without doubt.

It fits perfect on the bike, easy to install and easy to take it off for maintenance.

Navi tower is also easy to work with, a lot of space for cables and everything there. Lights are good, definitely the kit is strong, I have had several falls some of them on hard rocks and some others on soft sand but fast and nothing but scratches.”

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