Few months ago we was searching for a new challenge ,a new project ! After several thoughts we decide to go with the KTM 950 990 Adv series .A very very popular bike but with little choises for a Rally/Adv kit-fairing .

The bike was found and we start working on it ,we all of us on Perfect Fairings decide to go with:

-the very atractive and beautiful KTM450 clear screen,

-new side panels ,

-CF navi tower ,

-450RR lower fender special made to fit direct on the 9×0 forks ,

-updated rear side panels with a longer rear fender ,

-new rally style license plate holder with new brake light

-Hella round lights 60mm the same as on the Dakar bikes ,street legal

-CF Rally big engine guard

and few more parts wich will soon be ready ! We make also decals and we offer any custom design you asking for your bike !

The project is almost ready ,paint job and some mechanical work !!!

Stay tuned for the final look

10/10/2017 UPDATE

The time has come! Our project finished and we are very glad that we started working on this amazing bike few months back.Many parts was designed and redesigned many many times ,the result is just what we were looking for ..

We used our CF navi tower and the Hella lights we using on our KTM690 kits ,new front side cowls was designed to match the OEM KTM windshield we used .Rear side cowls was redesigned without changing the OEM mounting points and the seat lock .On the rear end we made a new Enduro style fender and license plate holder to match the whole Rally -Enduro style we asking for this project.

Rear break light is from KTM690RFR ,additional rear light from KTM 450RFR .

Grafix and seats are available ..


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